Frequently Asked Questions


Contractor / Job Seeker FAQ:

Are all of your job postings ‘real’ open jobs?

They are all ‘real’ jobs as we post every job we secure. However, in the event of an emergency, we will still recruit for some job postings that may be filled with an identified candidate.

If you see a job you’re interested in, call us and we’ll tell you what’s going on with that role.  If we no longer need people pertaining to the posted job, we will take it down from our Career portal.

Is there a cost to this process or any fees I have to pay for your work search for me?
No, there’s absolutely no cost or hidden fees at any point for working with us or having us search for work for you.  If you are placed by us, the only thing your pay is subject to is standard employment tax or required deductions / garnishments set by law and/or the IRS (you can view this information at

Why do I have to meet with you if I’m going to work for the company interested in me? 
One of our guarantees to our clients is that we have met in-person, interviewed, qualified, reference and background checked everyone that we represent.  We do the same thing for you when presenting opportunities to you.  Every opportunity we discuss is with an organization that we have met with so we can best learn and understand their environment, expectations, and work culture.  This has been key to building long-lasting loyal relationships.

If you do not have a job for me, do I still have to come in and meet with you?
No.  However, if you do plan on working with us at some point, we will have to meet with you prior to presenting or placing you.  If we get a chance to meet with you before securing a job, it will make finding work that much easier for us since we will know who you are, and what you are looking for.

If I complete your interview process, will you guarantee that you’ll place me or find me work?
No, unfortunately, we cannot make that kind of guarantee.  As much as we want to place everyone we meet, we are at the mercy of our clients.  What we can promise you is that we will always do our best to find you work, and keep an open and transparent relationship with you by keeping you updated on any progress.  Hopefully, we will find you work quickly, but just as we cannot guarantee you work, you cannot guarantee us you’ll still be available when we call.  It goes both ways.

Do I have to complete any major paperwork, like other staffing firms, even if I’m not placed yet?
No.  Fortunately, you do not have to spend any time filling out any major paperwork during the interview process or before getting placed.  We believe in spending that time in getting to know each other.  Once we have secured an assignment or opportunity, we will send you an offer letter and paperwork via email. You will complete your paperwork and on-boarding online at  You will receive an email from Zenefits (our HR on-boarding partner), and it will provide instructions on how to create your profile and fill out your forms electronically. You do not have to return to the office nor will we store your personal information in the office.

If I’m not filling out any major paperwork, why do I have to bring my ID’s to the interview?

The reason we ask you to bring your ID’s is because in the event that you are placed, which is always our goal, one of our requirements as an employer is to authorize and confirm that everyone who works for us possesses the legal documentation needed in order to work in the US (  Since you are going to complete our paperwork online, Zenefits will ask you to upload a scanned image of your ID’s, and as your employer, we are required to confirm that they are valid and physically exist (  All we need to do is confirm that you have them.  We will not scan or make any photocopies of your ID’s.  If you have any questions regarding the I-9 Employment Verification or requirements to work in the US, please visit

After we meet, how often should I check in? 
We always advise that you check in at least every other Monday, if we haven’t already called you first, by sending us an email letting us know your availability for the week.  We will always call you to discuss your availability and interest in any identified job before committing you to it.

While you’re looking for me, should I continue looking on my own?
Yes, absolutely!  We always tell everyone: we are an extra pair of “eyes and ears” looking for work for you.  Since this is your life and job search, no one should want to find a job more than you, so yes, continue looking on your own.

Are we allowed to work with other staffing firms while you’re looking for work?

Yes, of course you can, and if you need a job right away, we advise you work with as many staffing firms as you can.  We are all just another resource to help you find work.

I noticed that most of your open jobs are administrative and in Arlington and Alexandria.  If you say you also specialize in technology placements and work all over the DC area, how often do you provide IT jobs outside of Arlington or Alexandria?
Yes, a lot of our business is administrative and in the Arlington/Alexandria areas, but we also market to companies where our people live to try our best to keep you close to home.  If you prefer to work outside of Arlington or Alexandria, or seeking IT positions that we do not have already posted, we may not come across those opportunities as often.  At that point, we could introduce you to our partner Applied Memetics LLC who specializes in the IT/technology and communications space with work all over the US.  If you’re interested in viewing their jobs, visit their site at and check out their Career section.

If you call me with an assignment or opportunity I’m not interested in, do I have to take it?

No, we would never force you to work a job you are not interested in.  We want every decision made to be a “no brainer” when working with us. Please do not hesitate to tell us “no” and we’ll keep looking for other positions.

Once I start working for Optimum Solutions, how often do we get paid?”
We pay every Friday.  For example, if you started this week and submitted your timesheet this Friday, you would get this week’s paycheck next Friday.

Do you only hire W2 employee’s?  If I preferred to join as a 1099 Independent Contractor, is that possible?
Yes!  If you prefer to be a 1099 Independent Contractor and your assignment / consulting project qualifies for that hiring status, we can do that.

Do you offer any health or medical benefits during the assignment?

No, unfortunately we do not at this time.  Hopefully, that will be something that we offer in the future.

If I find a better opportunity during the assignment, or I don’t like it, do I have to stay or can I go?

Yes, you can resign from the assignment if you found another job or do not like your current assignment.  All we ask is that you give us enough time to tell the client and replace you.  We request a two-week notice; if you need to leave earlier, talk to us. We do our best to work around your timeline.

How long does it take to get converted on a temp-to-perm assignment?

It all depends on the client and position.  Traditionally, temp-to-perm roles average around 3-months, but they could convert quicker or take longer, depending on the client’s preference. Most of our contract-to-hire (i.e., temp-to-perm) positions have agreed-to terms and length, so we will let you know as much information as possible before getting into the role. Please note that if the client decides to take longer to convert, they have the right to do so, just as you have the right to leave before completing your contract.

The other staffing firms I work with are asking me about my assignments with Optimum Solutions, such as the companies with whom I work and/or to whom I report. They said it is for a reference check.  Is that normal?  Should I share that information with them?
Yes, it’s normal, and no, please do not share information to staffing firms that are asking you.  Yes, it’s normal because they would like to know who else is using staffing companies so they can market those companies.  If they tell you it is for a reference check, you can provide our information and we will confirm your employment. 

If I know other people looking for work, can I refer them to you?
Yes, absolutely!  We love referrals and take them very seriously.  If you know of anyone that would be great to work with, please feel free to send them our email address or refer them to our website where they can apply online.

New Client FAQ:

Typically, we don’t engage temps unless it’s an unexpected requirements.  Can you locate talent the same day?
Yes, placing administrative temps for same day needs is one of our specializations.  We understand last minute changes and emergencies happen, so if you require staffing the same day, please call us at (703) 738-9040

If we’re looking for someone on a long-term basis but want to interview the candidate first, is there a cost incurred to review prospective resumes and/or meet with potential candidates?
No, there is no cost to you for this.  Everything we do is contingent on the job getting filled.  If the job isn’t filled, you are not billed.

We don’t have time to meet with your candidates before they start, but need someone immediately. What happens if they don’t work out?  Are there any guarantees?
Yes, we always consider the first day (8-hours) a working interview that allows you to gauge the candidate, and how they’re performing.  If they don’t work out after the first day, the day is on us.

We’re interested in hiring one of your contractors full-time.  Is there a specific time we have to wait?  If we require their services right away, is there a fee?
No. You can convert our candidates whenever you feel comfortable.  Now, the faster you convert the higher the conversion fee, and vice versa, but at the end of the day our goal is to help you find the right person, while helping someone find a full-time job with a great company.  It is our hope that you will want to work with us again, so no matter what or how long our people have been on their assignment, we’ll make something work for you. 

How much are your conversion fee’s?
Our conversion fees are based on the positions’ first year salary and the total hours they’ve worked while on their temporary or contracted period.  If you’re interested in learning more about our conversion schedule, give us a call and we can discuss the details.  No matter what, we’ll always work something out so that you’re happy.

We have decided to directly hire someone from you.  What if they don’t work out?
All of our direct hires still have a 90-day probationary period, giving both parties a chance to make sure this is the right fit.  If they don’t work out within their probationary period, we can issue a refund (100% refund if within the first 30 days, prorated between 60-90 days). If they don’t work out after 90 days, we will be here for you to help you find a replacement right away.  Since our goal is to build strong long-lasting relationships with our clients, we will work something out to keep the cost as low as possible if you need a replacement after 90 days.

We like to review and sign agreements before working with any vendor.  Can we review your terms and conditions before signing with Optimum Solutions? 

Can we make any revisions or amendments?
Yes, we can always send you our standard terms and conditions before we place anyone.  You can also make revisions and amendments to our agreement, and if they’re acceptable, we will include them to our agreement.  Once both parties agree, we’ll sign the agreement and send you the final signed versions for your records.

After your contractor completes their assignment, can we hire them on our own down the road? 
Yes…but after 6 months.  If you want to hire one of the people we’ve placed, just call us and we’ll let you know their situation.  If you do hire them, just as mentioned in our previous answers, we’ll make sure we work something out that makes everyone happy.  We never come in between someone and a full-time job.

What if your contractor becomes a liability on assignment? Who’s responsible?
Anything that our contractors commit within our terms and conditions (we can send you a copy) is on us.  We can also send you our Certificate of Insurance (COI) in case you would like to see our coverage and policy, or if it’s required in order to place anyone at your company.

What is the minimum work hours requirement?
Our minimum is four hours.  You can request any shift - weekends, part-time, or one day.  Our only requirement is that the minimum hours worked is four hours.  If you do not need someone for four hours, they can work less but we will bill for four hours.

If we ever experience layoffs or know of people looking for work, can we refer them to you?”  
Yes, we love referrals and helping our clients’ friends, family, and/or colleagues find work.